Spirit Pic: Hercules War Vessel

The Hercules war vessel uncloaked on the dark side of the Moon as it prepared to destroy the USA base of operations there before coming to Earth to take up an offensive position… Continue reading

Final Stage of LOZ Training in Orion

Powers Order of holy angels Job 9:9 He makes the stars: the Bear, Orion, the Pleiades, and the constellations of the southern sky. The LOZ are named the “Southern Storm” because they originate… Continue reading

Abaddon and The Angel of Death (Part IV)

Spirit Casts: Eagle Nebula

Source Our Creator is the Grand Father and Mother of all Creation – Father Yahweh Mother Israel. To undesrtand why Father Yahweh the Warrior is the 5th Wheel, please visit our other blog.

Spirit Casts: Antennae Galaxies

Source Y = Yahweh; M = Michael; A = Abaddon Follow Abaddon’s arm and you will see his staff of authority over the serpent and Satan’s confederates in death. Everything’s written in the… Continue reading

Abaddon and The Angel of Death (Part III)

Abaddon and The Angel of Death (Part II)

Abaddon and The Angel of Death

Spirit Pics: Seraiah and The Antijaboks

Here’s a pic from the battle against the demons or as they called themselves, the Great Angel Commanders (GAC) by the joint 4th and 3rd LOZ COM’s recently. The antijaboks were transported there… Continue reading

Spirit Pic: Zion Residents