Low Vibration Exercise: For Spirit To Flesh

It takes a massive amount of concentration to go from astral energy to flesh and blood like Christ Jesus did after his being reanimated; this is proof that the Celestial Energy is capable of altering atoms and taking on solid form. This has nothing to do with returning to your old vessel; it is instead, a form of being transmuted into flesh by pure thought and manipulation of the elements that make this feat possible.

Dictionary: transmute >verb 1 change in form, nature, or substance. 2 change (a chemical element) into another, either by a nuclear process or as a supposed operation in alchemy. -DERIVATIVES transmutation >noun. -ORIGIN Latin transmutare, from mutare ‘to change’.

Dictionary: thought1 >noun 1 an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. 2 the action or process of thinking. 3 (one’s thoughts) one’s mind or attention. 4 an act of considering or remembering. 5 careful consideration or attention: I haven’t given it much thought. 6 (thought of) an intention, hope, or idea of: they had no thought of surrender. 7 the formation of opinions, especially as a philosophy or system of ideas, or the opinions so formed. -PHRASES not give a second thought fail to give more than the slightest consideration to. -ORIGIN Old English.

From Spirit To Flesh: The Resurrected Christ and The Holy Angels
The Shroud of Turin: New theory says Resurrection was a kind of optical illusion

My human vessel was elsewhere – in other words, I was projecting from another place in time. Look  for the vibrations; this is how all spirits manifest to a certain degree; I was vibing down all the way and not just to a degree of being seen.  Going all the WAY – that is what Christ did when he told doubting Thomas to see or feel the nail holes in his hands.

End the manifestation by breaking off the concentration and raising my vibes. Einstein’s theory of Energy Distortion of an affected circumference comes into play. Check the pics – NO FLASH present; no need for one when you are vibrating energy and causing distortion of the energy field. I was enveloped in spirit energy, my astral energy.

The remnant who enter the Millennial Kingdom of Christ will duplicate the achievements of Christ and later materialize on other planets. Think it – concentrate with faith on making it occur. All things are possible if we only have the faith of a mustard seed – the most tiny of all seed.  Soon, the veil will be completely lifted, and all things on both sides of the spectrum will be visible to both sides. Then people will know, that the other side is just as real as this side. Yahweh has made it possible for the demons to vibrate down to the level that they can materialize; this is so that Her Will is fulfilled at Armageddon. The Holy angelic warriors, the Lions of Zion (LOZ), will materialize as well.

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